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ATV & Knapsack Spraying

Our rapidly expanding Spraying side of the business provides a comprehensive spraying service to a wide variety of clients, from farmers and equestrian owners, to local authorities.  We can provide anything from a one off application to whole season contracts, covering all aspects of paddocks, amenity grassland, large parkland areas, bracken and hard standings. We specialise in hard to reach places, where normal tractor mounted sprayers can not go, as it may be too steep or to small an area.

With spraying being such a time sensitive aspect of any business, we provide an extremely reliable, professional and competitive service to all our clients.  We have a 3.6 metre quad bike sprayer and hand held Knapsack sprayers to suit lots of different applications, including spraying in or near to watercourses. Many organisations are now seeking effective control of Non Native Invasive Species, a lot of these are spread and grow beside watercourses, we are able to provide this service. Operators are NPTC qualified in PA1, PA2, PA4, PA6 and PA6AW qualifications.

During late summer we do a lot of Bracken Spraying, this can only be done if the spray Asulam is granted it emergency licence each year by the EU. It is a long process that takes many years to achieve complete control, but well worth the effort. Bracken contains Carcinogens and the fronds contain a number of toxins poisonous to animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and horses when ingested.